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BUSINESS Transformation Consultant/Coach

Our consultants & coaches have been in the management consulting, enterprise sales, entrepreneurship, & technology industry for over 15+ years! Our business lessons are shared with executives and management for growth & transformation! Certified by degree, years of experience, and with the awards to back it up. Also certified by John T Maxwell for leadership training, conferences, seminars, retreats and entrepreneurship events. 

Transformational SPEAKER

Our CEO Monica, is a dynamic speaker full of positive energy, wisdom and valuable insight. Her delivery is inspirational and she possesses the unique ability to connect with people at their level. Her colorful business background combined with her real life experiences provide an atmosphere that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats waiting to receive the next life changing nugget. Her approach to life is simple:   

“In life things are going to happen, the highs, the lows, and everything in between ... the key is how you embrace the good, overcome the bad, and learn and transform from everything.”

Life Transformation Coach




Life discussions with you to inspire you and to support you in reaching your full potential! Let's do this life to the best of our ability! 

(Large Groups, Small Groups, or Individuals)

Virtuous Biz Awards and Past Speaking Engagements!

Monica’s Awards in Business, Leadership and Community Involvement

  • Award for serving as “President of the South Denver Local Chapter”, National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) 
  • Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, “Director’s Community Leadership Award”
  • Colorado State University, “College of Business Honor Alumna of the Year”
  • “9NEWS Leader of the Year”, presented by TIAA-CREF, awarded to Monica in recognition of extraordinary contribution to the community and Colorado
  • The Denver Business Journal’s “Outstanding Women in Business Award” given to Monica in High Tech and Telecom
  • “The Denver Post Minority-Owned Business of the Year” awarded to Monica for outstanding entrepreneurial achievement and community support
  • “ATHENA Award” given by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce; presented to an individual who “has inspired others with exceptional professional achievement and community service… 
  • ”Minority Small Business of the Year” by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) Colorado District Office

Monica’s Past Speaking Engagements

• National Association of Professional Women

• Colorado State University, Minority Students Annual Event (administered by El Centro)

• 2nd Annual Jewels of the Valley, Conference and Business Expo

• Adams State College

• Alamosa Middle School Graduation

• RMMSDC Growth through Partnership Luncheon

• COORS Hispanic Employee Network

• HHEROS (Hispanic Hospitality Employees Recognition for Outstanding Service) Awards

• Wells Fargo Hispanic Employee Network

• The Gary and Leslie Howard Family Foundation

• YouthBiz

• Daniels Fund

• Junior Achievement

• Denver Public Schools – Hispanic Speakers Bureau (Abraham Lincoln, North, Denver School of Science and Technology, Bryant Webster, Bruce Randolph Middle School, etc.)

• Miracles on Ice

• Girls Inc.

• Volunteers of America, the Mission

• Juvenile Detention Schools

• Pregnant Women serving in the justice systems but living in external controlled housing.

About Us

Our Consultants | Coaches | Speakers are Trained to Serve You!

Virtuous Biz Consultants/Coaches/Speakers have been in the management consulting, sales,  entrepreneurship, coaching, speaking and technology industry for over 15+ years.  

We now share our passion for businesses by serving as Business Consultants, Business Coaches, Life Coaches, and Transformation Speakers! 

Monica, our CEO, was awarded the Minority Small Business of the Year for CO, and many other business and leadership awards as you will see under the Virtuous Biz Awards section!  

We are Proven | Reputable | Experienced!

Our  lessons from our years of business consulting are shared with  executives in hopes we can serve and support them in defining their goals, attaining their goals, and reaching their full potential personally or in business. 

Because of our honesty and openness in consulting/coaching/speaking, our clients are experiencing  transformation: 

· Revenue growth!

· Exceptional business applications! 

· Teams well trained and motivated! 

· Leadership well prepared for growth and transformation! 

· Communication and collaboration taking place!

· Employees are motivated for success! 

You can pick your appointment (in person or virtual), date and time based on a calendar on our Facebook page. 

Click Facebook (Book Now) and select an open appointment!   

We haven’t only lived this, we have the awards in business, leadership and community involvement to back this up! 



“How do we serve you?”, you ask.


Virtuous Biz focuses on your business, your goals, and your issues and provides the consultant/coach to serve you! Think of us as an outside executive that is here to support you with whatever you need! I wish I would have had this when I was running my first business! 

Just to give you some ideas, we can Consult or Coach in the following areas of your business or whatever areas you deem the most important! Consulting takes place onsite! Coaching can be remote or onsite! We want you to have the people, processes, and technology necessary to thrive in today’s economy: 

  • Business Applications (Accounting, HR, Payroll, CRM,  etc.)
  • Reporting (Financials, HR, Payroll, Operations, Forecast, Budget vs. Actuals, etc.)
  • Analytics / Business Intelligence - establishing Key  Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and dashboards for executives/management
  • Business Documents (proposals, RFP's, brochures, business cards, etc.) and business process review 
  • ERP applications (knowledge / application / selection / technical)
  • Social Media/Branding/Websites
  • Workshops/Seminars – leadership transformation & techniques, workshops on revenue growth, sales, working smarter, not      harder, etc.! 

Why Virtuous Biz?

Why Us?

Business consultants/coaches are key, we perform as if we we are one of your executives! We are here to serve you! Tell us your needs, your pain points, your desires and we will also ask you questions about your business and where you want to take it! We will then create the goals and the plan with you and take it to the next level!

When it comes to client selection, we are very selective. First of all, after speaking to you, we ask ourselves, can we serve you and do we have the necessary experience! We want to ensure that we can serve and give each of our clients the time and guidance they deserve.

Whether you’re seeking a consultant/coach for one week, one week per month, or multiple weeks per month, we are here to serve you! We are the right company to call on! Why? 

   -  We truly care! 

   -  We want to serve you! 

   -  We have been in your shoes before! 

   -  We are ready to give back!  

Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success. We didn’t get there alone. And neither will you. 

If we start off with you in a coaching manner and want to now engage as a consultant(s), onsite for a certain amount of hours per week, or for a certain project, we can do that as well!

Contact Us


Let us serve you!

Call or email us to set up your free 15 minute consultation! Again, we are here to serve you! 

Email: monica@virtuousbiz.com

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